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Combustion Surveys & Solutions advances plant safety by performing efficient and thorough NFPA 86 Inspections of industrial combustion equipment through proprietary software, ensuring compliance.

Why perform a combustion survey?

Our comprehensive NFPA 86 inspection ensures you are safe and compliant.

 The NFPA 86 standard  is a code set by The National Fire Protection Association intended to minimize fire and explosion hazards of industrial ovens and furnaces used for heating of materials. NFPA 86 is referenced by OSHA and often used for insurance auditing. 

Our comprehensive combustion safety surveys identify equipment design non-conformances so that corrections can be made to ensure code compliance.

Plant safety is a top priority for all manufacturing facilities. Industrial combustion heating equipment can have a high risk of fire and explosion hazards if not designed or maintained properly. By performing a combustion safety inspection, you are seeking the information that you need to minimize hazards and create a safer work environment.

It is common for commercial property insurance providers to audit insured facilities for compliance with NFPA 86 requirements. Our combustion inspections identify and correct noncompliance issues to ensure a successful insurance audit. Get a combustion survey quote today.

Whenever you perform an industrial combustion equipment upgrade, NFPA 86 requires that you modernize the entire design to the latest code.

Our combustion surveys go through a proprietary NFPA 86 checklist to identify gaps to today’s code so you account for them in your project planning.

If you recently completed a combustion upgrade to your manufacturing heating equipment, NFPA 86 requires that the equipment meet today’s code, regardless of when it was originally installed.

Let us provide evidence and peace of mind that your equipment is meeting NFPA 86 standards with a complete combustion safety survey.

NFPA 86 Inspection Sample Report

How it Works

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Fill out our online quote form and a CSS representative will be with you shortly to provide a survey quote.

Upload Documentation

Upload equipment design documentation such as drawings and control programs.

On-Site Survey

One of our auditors will travel to your site to perform a comprehensive one-day audit of your equipment.

Detailed Report

Within 1-2 weeks, receive a report listing any NFPA 86 compliance issues and recommended solutions.

Industries We Serve

cookies going into industrial conveyor belt oven

CSS services food and beverage manufacturing facilities with combustion fryers, ovens, dryers, or other equipment used for bulk frying, baking, or cooking food products.

Guy Molding Metal with industrial combustion equipment in Metals Manufacturing Facility

Our NFPA 86 inspections are popular for steel mills, foundry, and forging facilities with industrial furnaces and manufacturing ovens for metal product melting and heating.

Inside of Manufacturing Plant with industrial furnaces and ovens

General Manufacturing

A safety audit would be ideal for any general manufacturing facility with industrial furnaces, kilns, ovens, dryers, kilns, calciners, or other combustion equipment subject to NFPA code.

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With over 20 years of experience with combustion upgrades and compliance, our team has extensive knowledge of NFPA 86 codes and regulations.


Combustion Surveys & Solutions eliminates the guesswork by providing transparent inspection pricing, upfront expectations and easy scheduling.


Our combustion safety surveys are meticulous and in-depth. You can trust our knowledgable team to make sure your equipment is compliant and safe.

NFPA 86 Inspection Pricing

Ensure NFPA 86 compliance and plant safety through our industry-leading on-site combustion audit.

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View our FAQ for industrial furnace class descriptions and answers to other common combustion safety questions.

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