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Frequently Asked Questions

Equipment required to meet NFPA 86 standards include any heated enclosures used for processing of materials with heat input exceeding 150,000 BTU/hr. The heat input rating can typically be found on a nameplate, manual, or drawing from the original manufacturer.

CSS is based in Cleveland, Ohio and services customers in the midwest region and nationwide. For customers outside of northeast Ohio, travel and living expenses for our auditor would be in addition to the standard advertised pricing.

No! We understand the value of your production time and do not require downtime for the equipment. All of our inspections are visual and do not require breaking into piping or inspecting the inside of the equipment.

NFPA 86 defines Class A equipment as an oven or furnace where the material being processed or heated is flammable or combustible. Class B equipment does not process flammable or combustible product. Class C equipment has a potential hazard due to flammable or other special atmosphere being used for treatment of materials being heated. Class D furnaces operate under vacuum for all or part of the process cycle.

CSS provides standard pricing for an audit of a standard Class B furnace. Class A, C, and D equipment, or equipment with certain features such as a thermal oxidizer, require a more thorough review. CSS can quote these projects after client submission of equipment information.

Yes, NFPA requirements are retroactive to the current edition at the time the equipment was originally installed or last upgraded. CSS can provide a quote to audit your equipment to a previous NFPA edition upon request.

Prior to performing the audit, CSS will provide a link to a folder where you can upload equipment documentation that will be needed for the inspection. Required documentation includes equipment nameplate information, any existing drawings or schematics, and PLC program (if applicable).

The standard CSS Class B combustion safety audit includes an inspection of the equipment for compliance to NFPA 86 Chapters 4.2 (General), 5.1 & 5.2 (Location & Construction), 6 (Furnace Heating Systems), 8 (Safety Equipment and Application), and 12 (Class B furnaces). Other chapters can be inspected as well with a custom quote.

No, the CSS standard audit includes only an inspection of the furnace design for compliance with NFPA 86 design requirements. We do not typically perform annual required safety testing or maintenance, but can partner with others to perform these services upon request. Contact us if you are interested.

Yes, our parent company, Project Technologies & Services (PTS) can perform combustion equipment design/engineering services and upgrades to resolve the issues found during the audit. PTS can provide a quote after submission of the final report.

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