Rotary Furnace Combustion & Controls Upgrade


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Modernize furnace controls for three rotary hearth furnaces for a forging manufacturing facility.


We performed an NFPA 86 combustion compliance survey and designed and managed controls and combustion upgrades to modernize the furnace and bring it compliant to today’s code.


The client requested to modernize its outdated PLC5 furnace controls for reliability and obsolescence purposes and to install and commission a new rotary encoder for furnace table position tracking. With furnace upgrades, we know to complete a thorough audit of the furnace for any other upgrades needed to bring it compliant with today’s standards. 

To kickoff the project, we sent a CSS auditor to the site to perform a combustion survey. The furnaces were last modernized in 2002, so a few upgrades were needed to meet today’s code. We provided the survey results and a combustion schematic detailing the upgrades needed and parts required. From this, the client asked us to purchase the materials and manage the installation.

Meanwhile, we designed a controls modernization to update the old PLC5 controls to a new Honeywell HC900 PLC. We programmed the new Honeywell controls to calculate and display furnace position, and designed and built a touch screen operator console and remote operator enclosures for each furnace. We also selected and configured a new rotary encoder to track furnace position and programmed the logic in the PLC to monitor and control position.

Once the materials arrived and controls were tested, we returned on-site to manage the contractors that performed the installation and commissioned the new controls. In the end, the our combustion survey educated the customer so they could budget and scope a proper upgrade to modernize the furnace and stay compliant with critical NFPA standards.

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