Plant-Wide NFPA 86 Combustion Reviews


NFPA 86 Safety Surveys




OSHA and insurance companies require equipment to maintain NFPA 86 compliance to ensure safe operation of industrial ovens, dryers and furnaces.


Our client utilizes our in-depth knowledge and experience in the industry to review all furnace upgrades for NFPA 86 standards.


The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) establishes fire safety standards for safe operation of ovens, dryers, and furnaces. Many industrial manufacturing companies in the metals industry utilize high powered industrial furnaces in their processes and are required by OSHA and/or their insurance companies to maintain their equipment compliance with NFPA 86. The NFPA 86 standard is revised every four years.

One of our clients has a program that requires them to complete an independent (third-party) review when a significant upgrade is completed on one of their furnaces or ovens to ensure they are maintaining compliance with the current edition of NFPA 86. 

With our experience in the industry and in-depth knowledge of the requirements in the NFPA 86 standard, the client chooses our team to review all of their furnace upgrades.

When the client plans to upgrade a furnace or oven, they submit to us all the planned drawings and documentation. We then perform a thorough analysis of the plans and provide a detailed report of any discrepancies with NFPA 86, so that these items can be corrected in the design phase prior to installation. Once the upgrade is complete, we compile all as-built drawings and perform a final review of the documentation and review the installation on-site. If all items have been addressed and the furnace meets all NFPA 86 requirements, we sign their independent review documentation to give them the confidence that they are meeting the required safety standards. In addition to a safer workplace and OSHA/insurance compliance, by working with us throughout the upgrade, this client avoids unnecessary and expensive rework and adders after their upgrades are complete. 

This experience also gives us the ability to design combustion or electrical upgrades to existing equipment, and you can be sure that NFPA 86 standards will be followed. If you would like to modernize your furnace or oven controls and/or combustion equipment, our team of engineers can provide the detailed design and engineering for your upgrade or provide a turnkey design and installation. 

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