Snack Food Oven Upgrade


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Food & Beverage


Replace a portion of a snack food oven and upstream processing equipment to increase reliability and keep up with increased production demands.


We delivered combustion engineering support and project management for the removal of the existing oven and installation of new burners, heat exchangers, and controls.


A client in the food and beverage industry had an unreliable snack food oven that was experiencing frequent downtime. They consulted with us for engineering and project management support to scope and execute an upgrade to the oven to improve reliability.

The client desired to replace the combustion burner and switch from direct fired to indirect heating to improve quality. We began by surveying the oven for NFPA 86 compliance. We provided our recommendations so the customer could include them in the scope of work and budget for the project.

Once the budget was approved, we were asked to provide project management and engineering support for the upgrade. The client issued a contract to the oven manufacturer to perform the upgrade while we acted as a liaison between the vendor and the client. We provided engineering drawing reviews and ensured the vendor had all the information needed for project design and execution.

We then created a schedule for the project to meet the client’s timing and production needs. During final design, we took on-site measurements to verify the fit of the vendor’s solution and maintain room for normal forklift traffic. Coordinating the shipment of new equipment, including some from overseas, we took lead times into account to deliver on schedule. One of the burner panels was found to be beyond repair and required reverse engineering and fabrication of a new panel, which we were able to accomplish for the client.

Once all the equipment arrived, the oven was shutdown and we coordinated electrical and mechanical installation teams to perform the upgrade. The new oven burner and equipment, upstream material handling equipment, and electrical/controls system were installed and commissioned to integrate the existing controls with the upgraded oven. We supervised all construction including installation of new burner exhaust vents to safely vent the combustion gas according to NFPA 86 requirements.

Snack Food Oven Equipment
Snack Food Oven Ventilation to meet NFPA 86 code
Snack Food Oven Combustion

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